Junior, Inter, Stars, Teen, Senior & Open

The Focus is on dance tricks, gymnastics skills, tumbling & limbering. Acro incorporates lots of strength, flexibility and conditioning which is vital to achieving, perfecting and advancing these skills. This class starts at the basics for new comers such as Bridges, rolls and Cartwheels and can lead towards more advanced skills in time, such as Splits, Jumps, Mounts, Cartwheels, Round Offs, Walkovers, Handstands, Side & Front Aerials and Back Saults.


Students commence by learning the proper fundamentals required to progress through this AcroDance level system. We NOW teach the Acrobatic Arts, Acrobatique and Acrobatic Dance Association syllabus. In 2020 we aim to provide opportunities for students to complete optional exams to promote continuous progression. Acro is a Mainstream class which perform 2 routines at the end of year concerts.