Musical Theatre is a diverse and creative style of dance. It cannot really be defined as a particular dance style - rather it is a way of describing the choreography and movement associated with Broadway musicals. However, it is important to note that this dance style still requires a strong knowledge of dance technique. 


Musical theatre also places a lot of importance on musicality and is intricately connected with the music, often the movement acting out or mimicking the lyrics. In Musical Theatre styles, students dance to the soundtracks of Broadway musicals, where it is the dancer’s role to act out the story through movement. Some types of Musical Theatre Dance styles even involve singing the lyrics, acting or playing the part of a character.


Musical theatre dance is in many ways an essential element within Broadway musicals. Dance is often used to progress the storyline of the musical, alongside the singing and acting elements in productions. So, if you love to sing along to Broadway shows, or love to act out lyrics, Musical Theatre may be the style for you.


Musical Theatre is a Mainstream class, students perform 2 routines at the end of year concerts.