At UCANDANCE we offer a number of classes and styles so that every dancer can participate in a schedule that best suits their needs and interests. 

During Terms 1 & 2, the focus in our classes is on developing and enhancing skills and technique relevant to their class. During Terms 3 & 4, we put to use the skills we have achieved and commence our concert routines. 

We believe in giving every student equal opportunity and time to shine on stage. All mainstream classes will perform 2 routines per class at our end of year concerts. 

All classes will be based on School Year level. This way students stay together and progress together with their peers & are learning the next syllabus/level each year. In the case where we feel a student would benefit to be allocated to a class more suited to their ability, we will notify you.

  • Tots\\ Pre School & Kinder

  • Junior\\ Primary School Prep/foundation

  • Inter\\ Primary School grades 1 & 2

  • Stars\\ Primary School grades 3 & 4

  • Tween\\ Primary School grades 5 & 6

  • Senior\\ High School years 7-10

  • Open\\ High School years 11+